Saturday, September 8, 2018

Costa Rica Travel Course: January 2019

OCTOBER update: This class was canceled due to low enrollment. We will attempt to offer it again for January 2020.

Sign up now! Applications are due Sept 28

Please join me for Geography of Coffee, a travel course in Costa Rica, January 3-14, 2019. This Bridgewater State University course is open to all; our credits transfer easily. This will be our first travel course in Costa Rica, building on more than a decade of experience in neighboring Nicaragua.

Costa Rica originated the concept of ecotourism -- the idea of using sustainable tourism both as an effective form of environmental education and an economic alternative to deforestation. Our ecotourism will focus on the coffeelands and the people who sustain and are sustained by coffee. We will also visit volcanoes and learn about their connection to coffee. Part of our visit will be hosted by the Bribri indigenous community.

Applications are due September 28, 2018. Applications, program costs and details are at BSU Study Abroad.

Back Story:

Those who know me know that the coffeelands of Nicaragua have become a second home since I first visited in 2006. Over 100 students have made the journey with me, and since 2009 all of those trips have been led by Matagalpa Tours. All of the guides there share my passion for experiential learning through the medium of coffee. Sadly -- for reasons I detail under the #sosnicaragua tag on my main blog and social media -- we cannot go to Nicaragua this year.

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