Saturday, March 28, 2020

Home Cooking

Cod Almondine, June 2019
As people around the world are spending more time than ever at home, my favorite librarian and I are doing even more of what we always do: cooking for ourselves. And we notice that many other people are doing the same.

We have been sharing links to our cooking blog more than usual (and adding to it more regularly) since stay-at-home began in earnest. I am adding a link here, so that it will be easier for people to find who might not have the direct link. Our Nueva Receta Cada Semana blog is named for the ambition (more or less met over the years) to post one new recipe each week.

We now have over 600 cooking stories on the blog, most of them with sufficient information to be replicated, and with plenty of ideas about substituting ingredients according to availability. The blog is searchable (as all Blogger-based blogs are) by a keyword finder at the top-left and -- because this was started by a librarian -- subject terms on the right side of the screen that include words like vegetarian and easy.