Saturday, August 28, 2021

New Blog: #SOSNicaragua

 Followers on various platforms -- and certainly anybody who has seen me much in person the past few years -- know that I am deeply concerned about the multiple crises that have unfolded in Nicaragua since a government crackdown on peaceful protests in April 2018.

Today I started a blog to share information about the problems Nicaragua faces and the ways friends of Nicaragua can learn more and support the ongoing efforts of Nicaraguans themselves.

To learn more, please visit #SOSNicaragua, noting that I use ApoyoNicaragua (SupportNicaragua) in the actual address.

Coffee World: A BSU Senior College Course

BSU's Senior College offers non-credit classes to learners of a certain age (that is, 50 or better). Although I'm apparently more than old enough to take a class, I will participate first as an instructor. My four-week class Coffee World begins September 8, 10am each Wednesday for the rest of that month.

From the catalogThis course is an exploration of the world that is concealed in a cup of coffee, beginning with suggestions for brewing better coffee. We continue to the community geography of the corner cafĂ©, without which the beverage itself might never have become a global favorite. We then follow coffee from its origins in Abyssinia to the $100 billion global industry it is today and examine ways to ensure that those who grow the coffee earn a fair share of that wealth. Finally, we learn how researchers are working with farmers to protect both quality and production from changing climates. Upon registration, participants will receive a guide describing some options for purchasing coffees to enjoy during the sessions. 

This is a virtual class delivered via Zoom, so I am teaching coffee without serving coffee. This is a challenge for me, but I had plenty of practice during my regular university coffee classes last year.

Best news: the $85 fee for BSU Senior College pays for one course or many. So if you sign up for my coffee class, you can choose from dozens of other courses with no additional fee. Because each course lasts only 4-8 sessions and there are no exams, some people sign up for quite a few.

Lagniappe: My favorite librarian is returning to Senior College by popular demand look for Pamela Hayes-Bohanan's course Free Speech, Banned Books and Censorship, offered Wednesday evenings beginning November 3.