Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Coffee World @ Linden Ponds

Reminder: I post to this blog infrequently because it is a portal to other, more active outlets. The early posts (see archives at right) point to general lists of blogs and classes. The posts that are "on top" are often links to ongoing or recent presentations.

In "normal" times I give presentations to off-campus audiences, including schools on a weekly basis and various community groups on a monthly basis or more. Like everything else, this has been curtailed for the past 24 months, and all of my presentations (include several featured on this site) have been virtual. 

As I write this, I am pleased to be returning to in-person community presentations. Few will be surprised that the topic is coffee. I am reprising a course I taught online for BSU Senior College in September (I am currently doing a different online course for that group). The course is Coffee World, a four-part overview of my approach to coffee as both a global product and a local nexus where communities gather. 

The Coffee World course outline includes a description of each session and links to the slides I am using.