Saturday, October 22, 2022

Potato Novitiate

 Earlier in 2022, I thought I might earn another title, as Potato Maven. As the never-ending slew of 2020 setbacks continued, I became distracted from those ambitions. I also began to see just how vast the world of potato knowledge would be (this came as no surprise, actually), so I am considering myself -- at best -- a Potato Novitiate.

My identity as an educator, however, is more bridge than expert. So whatever I do know, I am happy to share. My first (and perhaps only) foray into the world of potato education is Potato Geographies, a presentation that is part of the One Book One Community programming around Stephen Puleo's beautiful and important narrative non-fiction, Voyage of Mercy

Potato Geographies contains all the slides from my October 26 presentation (2pm) at the Bridgewater Senior Center on Wally Kruger Way.

Friday, October 7, 2022

World Migratory Bird Day

Please see the post below, from our friends at Dean's Beans. It comes just a day after I spoke about the importance of coffee practices in the protection of migratory birds in my Geographies of Migration course for BSU Senior College. Please do not go birdwatching with a cup of commodity coffee in your hand. The good stuff does a lot of good!