Saturday, October 22, 2022

Potato Novitiate

 Earlier in 2022, I thought I might earn another title, as Potato Maven. As the never-ending slew of 2020 setbacks continued, I became distracted from those ambitions. I also began to see just how vast the world of potato knowledge would be (this came as no surprise, actually), so I am considering myself -- at best -- a Potato Novitiate.

My identity as an educator, however, is more bridge than expert. So whatever I do know, I am happy to share. My first (and perhaps only) foray into the world of potato education is Potato Geographies, a presentation that is part of the One Book One Community programming around Stephen Puleo's beautiful and important narrative non-fiction, Voyage of Mercy

Potato Geographies contains all the slides from my October 26 presentation (2pm) at the Bridgewater Senior Center on Wally Kruger Way.

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