Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A portal to all of my online endeavors

Because my blogs and sites are varied and have complicated URLs, I created www.doctor.coffee as a simple way to find me online. Feel free to explore each of the following

Geography of Coffee Web Site -- with about 20 major sections
My BSU Faculty Web Site (about 500 pages, including CLIMATE)
Not-the-13th-Grade Page -- College Advice
Environmental Geography -- My Main Blog
Cooking at home with Nueva Receta Blog
Ben Linder Cafe -- proposed (not yet approved) cafe at Bridgewater State University
(Like it on Facebook to stay apprised of efforts to get it approved)
Coffee-shop reviews by my students and me on the GeoCafes blog

BSU Geography Department Web Page
BSU Geography Department Blog
Project EarthView Web Page
Project EarthView Blog
SOCIAL MEDIA Thousands of photos grouped by place or theme on my Flickr Page
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I treat my Facebook page as a microblog
I have started to review books on Goodreads
My TED Talk on coffee and campus cafes
... and the 2-minute version of why coffee matters:

"For me, coffee is a way to connect our students to the wider world." -James Hayes-Bohanan, geography professor #HumansofBSU
Posted by Bridgewater State University on Friday, November 13, 2015
I am fortunate to teach a variety of courses on a regular basis. Find course descriptions by number in the BSU Catalog. Some titles are linked to web pages with information either about the course or about related resources.

Details of scheduling appear on Infobear ahead of each semester or session. Some of these are honors-only. Honors students can arrange for honors contracts in any of my courses.

BSU students know how to find details; those who are not at BSU are welcome in all of these courses, except GEOG 298 (sorry!), with the help of the most excellent staff of the College of Continuing Studies.

GEOG 130: Environmental Geography -- online, every summer
GEOG 171: Developing World -- online, every semester
GEOG 199: Climate Justice -- honors First-year Semina
GEOG 286:Tea & Climate Change -- 1-credit honors colloquium every fall
GEOG 287:Tea & Climate Change -- 1-credit honors colloquium every spring
GEOG 295: Geography of Coffee -- Travel course in Nicaragua, every January
GEOG 295: Geography of Coffee and Climate Change -- Travel course in Peru, Summer 2017
GEOG 298: Secret Life of Coffee -- Second-year Seminar, speaking intensive, every spring semester
GEOG 331: Environmental Problems -- alternate fall semesters
GEOG 332: Land Protection -- alternate fall semesters
GEOG 381: Latin America - every fall semester and some summers
GEOG 400: (Special Topics) Coffee Week -- every summer
GEOG 400: (Special Topics) New Bedford Fortnight -- summer 2017
GEOG 431: Environmental Regulations -- alternate spring semesters
GEOG 440: Geography Frameworks (for teaching, but soon to be broadened) -- spring semesters
GEOG 490: Seminar in Geography (capstone for majors) -- every semester

Many hands to separate the coffee during the final round of the harvest.