Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Quality & Justice

Updated August 15, 2020: We had a very nice conversation on June 26 (see the promotional information below), and my friends at Equal captured it for others to see. Urgent family matters took my attention away for the following month, so I am only today remembering to post the video here. Please have a look. 
Equal Exchange Action Forum is the consumer-organizing arm of the West Bridgewater-based company that is best known for its leadership in fair-trade coffee. Danielle Robidoux is one of the coordinators of the Action Forum, and a former student of mine. This message is from Danielle to the Action Forum network (and anybody interested in this work). The event is free, but pre-registration is required. 
During this uncertain time and as in-person gatherings are still at a standstill we are going to continue to create virtual spaces for us to gather and learn together. Please join us for this upcoming virtual event!
(click the link above to RSVP)
What does coffee quality mean to Equal Exchange? What is the importance of coffee quality to our producer partners? How has quality evolved over the years? Join Mike Mowry, Coffee Quality Coordinator at Equal Exchange, and James Hayes-Bohanan, citizen-consumer member, teacher, and coffee geographer for a discussion on coffee quality. 
Bridgewater State students at the world's first farmer-owned cupping lab.

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