Friday, August 28, 2020

My Sig File

Bridgewater State University
Transgender Civil Rights Working Group
EarthView Co-coordinator
Honors Advisory Board
Regions: Latin America - Caribbean - Africa & U.S. Cities
Topics: Political Ecology, Environmental Policy, Urban Geography 
International Research and Scholarship Committee, American Association of Geographers
President, Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater
Affiliated Scholar, Vanderbilt University Institute for Coffee Studies

BSU Dept. of Geography
Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02325
Working and Living on
Wôpanâak (Wampanoag) Land
USA/EUA/eeuu :: 508-531-2118 
Personal Portal:

Taking on a few new roles during the 2020 pandemic, I allowed my email signature file to grow a bit beyond what is reasonable, as a beloved relative gently pointed out. (We don't use email much, so they had not seen its gradual growth, only the unwieldy result.)

So I have outsourced the signature file, with a pointer to this post -- only for those who care enough to click to it. And now it might really grow, like a plant that has been moved to a bigger pot.

Each link above points to some aspect of my work or identity. In the case of my pronouns (he/el/ele), the link is to a general explanation of why people have started declaring their pronouns in this way. A more common format for CIS men would be (he/him/his), but I am starting to use "he" along with its Spanish and Portuguese equivalents, to signify that I'm open to conversation in these languages (with decent though not perfect fluency).


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