Friday, August 28, 2020

My Sig File

Bridgewater State University
Transgender Civil Rights Working Group
EarthView Co-coordinator
Honors Advisory Board
Regions: Latin America - Caribbean - Africa & U.S. Cities
Topics: Political Ecology, Environmental Policy 
International Research and Scholarship Committee, American Association of Geographers
President, Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater

BSU Dept. of Geography, Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02325
USA/EUA/eeuu :: 508-531-2118 
Personal Portal:

Taking on a few new roles during the 2020 pandemic, I allowed my email signature file to grow a bit beyond what is reasonable, as a beloved relative gently pointed out. (We don't use email much, so they had not seen its gradual growth, only the unwieldy result.)

So I have outsourced the signature file, with a pointer to this post -- only for those who care enough to click to it. And now it might really grow, like a plant that has been moved to a bigger pot.


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