Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cape Verde Climate Leadership: Unlocking Potential

I am honored to be part of this summer's leadership program for Cape Verdean young professionals, which is hosted by the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies. Participants are spending time at both branches of the Institute -- here at Bridgewater State University and also at the Universidade de Cabo Verde in Praia. 

Today's program will begin with a discussion of role of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) in climate change. We will then visit a few sites in Brockton, originally part of Bridgewater and now our nearest gateway city. We will do this for two reasons: first to discuss some examples of environmental matters generally and second to give the visitors some experience in what many call the Eleventh Island of Cape Verde. Everybody in their archipelago knows somebody who has migrated to Brockton.

Instituto Pedro Pires para a Liderança 

In addition to the slides above, I prepared a short video about a family story we call the Christmas Miracle. It is about the connection between Cape Verde and Brockton. (Note: the CC button in YouTube works pretty well for those viewers who might not fully understand my speaking.)

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