Tuesday, July 12, 2022

World of Coffee

I am very pleased to be spending this week teaching World of Coffee as part of a summer content institute offered to area teachers through my friends at Framingham State University. Last summer I was pleased that my Sodade: Cape Verde Is Migration was one of ten presentations on the important topic of migration.

This summer, I am pleased to be presenting an entire program, World of Coffee, which FSU geographer Dr. Judith Ott has helped me to develop and organize. The course is a hybrid model involving JavaTrekker, Café Visits, films and discussion on campus, and some synchronous meetings online.

This post is meant primarily to give participants -- and others who are interested in coffee -- convenient access to the slides I am using in those Zoom meetings. Links to most course materials are in the course schedule.

These include Making the Coffee Belt and Climate Cups.

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